Getting Started


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Figure 1. JLab new user and cluster account request process

Experimental Physics User's Guide

The scientific computing environment for experimental physics is comprised of a data analysis facility and its accompanying mass storage system. Details on the hardware are in the Scientific Computing Resources book.

The data analysis environment includes the batch "farm" (a compute cluster) plus its associated interactive nodes and disk storage systems.  Multiple files systems are accessible from both the interactive and batch nodes, and some of these are also accessible from desktops onsite.

Workflow - Swif2

Swif2 is a software system developed at Jefferson Lab that aims to help users schedule, run, and track computation jobs on batch systems both locally and at remote sites.



Auger to SWIF2

User can submit slurm job using swif2 with the old jsub scrip. Give add-jsub as first argument and -script option with old jsub-script. Please notice the default workflow for add-jsub is auger, add "-workflow workflow-name" to set the specified workflow name. Check this swif2 add-jsub document page for detailed information.


SWIF1 and SWIF2 have essentially the same command line interface. However, SWIF2 has different status information output from what SWIF1 produces status output. For example, in SWIF2, swif status adds several fields, such as finer details about status of dispatched attempts, and removes a few such as individual error type counts. The status output can be in the following formats: simple text format, XML, and JSON.

Auger/SWIF1 Migration Guide

How To

At the bottom of this page are links to pages to aid your transition to Slurm or Swif version 2, depending on your workflow needs.