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Figure 1. JLab new user and cluster account request process
Anyone who is a part of the USQCD collaboration may request an account. Large allocations of time are allocated annually by the LQCD Scientific Advisory Committee. Small allocations such as class C may be requested from Robert Edwards To request access to JLab LQCD resources please follow the steps listed below.
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  2. Long Explanation
  3. Accessing compute resources

Short Explanation

Step 1. Apply for a JLab CUE user account using this form Access Registration Form. More...

Step 2. Complete all required training(s) emailed to your JLab email account. More...

Step 3. Request access to various LQCD cluster attached file-systems and SLURM account(s) using this form More...

Step 4. If you do not plan to actively use your JLab email account, it is highly recommended, that you setup email forwarding using this web page More...

Jump to the FINAL STEP section for details on the LQCD cluster access process.

Long Explanation

Step 1. Apply for a new JLab Computer User Account

To get a JLab CUE (Common User Environment) user account, each new user must fill out the Access Registration Form. This is not a computer account form, but rather records the "users" of the lab facilities. Be sure to fill out (and remember) the emergency contact information requested - the information will be used for identification later.

Your JLab sponsor will approve your registration form, and you will be entered into the system.  Once you are registered you can find yourself in the JLab phone book. To get a password for the account, you need to contact the Computing Center Help Desk at (757) 269 7155 on weekdays between 8am to 4pm eastern time. The emergency contact information given in the User Registration form will be used to identify you. NOTE: email from the lab will be sent to your registered JLab email address so please make sure to check your JLab issued email.  Detailed information regarding this process is at the following link:

Step 2. Security Awareness Training

Complete the GEN034 training at NOTE: There may be additional training required, you will get an email on your JLab email account listing the mandatory training required to activate your computer account.

Step 3. Completing your HPC account setup

At this point, you have a JLab computer account. However, you still need access to the various file-systems attached to the LQCD machines. For file-system access and appropriate permissions, your user account must belong to either the lattice or hpcusers UNIX group and to your project's UNIX group. Please use this form to request access to file-system areas associated with your USQCD project.

In order to submit jobs to the SLURM batch system you will need to be added to the appropriate SLURM account associated with your USQCD project. A list of current SLURM accounts associated to USQCD projects is here Please use the "Choose a cluster Type" drop down to select the cluster type associated with your USQCD project allocation. If your username is not listed under the "Project Members" column on the USQCD projects table we may need to contact your PI for approval before adding you to the requested SLURM account. Use this form to request access to the SLURM account associated with your USQCD project.

Step 4. Forwarding your JLab email to your preferred email account

You can forward your JLab email to your preferred email account using this web page (You will need to login using your JLab CUE account to access the content on this web page). Email forwarding is highly recommended so you do not miss out on important announcements and communications related to your JLab accounts.

FINAL STEP. Accessing compute resources

If you are offsite, you will need to first login to the gateway node,, and then into one of the interactive login nodes as listed below. If you are onsite, you can log into one of the login nodes directly.
  • - access to 16p, 18p and 19g clusters.
  • OR access to 21g cluster only.


Figure 2. JLab LQCD cluster hardware and file-system layout


If you need support or have questions please use the following support web page.