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Emailing is the best way to reach us and will elicit the quickest response. Please do not contact any of the JLab LQCD support staff directly. Emailing hpc-admin will open a support ticket which is tracked and we will try our best to resolve your issue.

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This page describes in detail how to effectively use the JLab LQCD Knight's Landing clusters.

Volatile Area Data Management Policy

The /volatile area is managed by an automated process that cleans up periodically in multiple steps as listed below. In the rules mentioned below the target threshold is defined as the "aggregate used space by all projects".

Cache manager policy

When a project is over their High Quota limit the following data backup and deletion policies will be enforced.

NOTE: You can pin files on /cache if you need to keep them available for an extended period. 

Please do not abuse the pin mechanism as /cache is a shared resource.