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Farm User's Guide v2


The Jefferson Lab scientific computing environment for experimental physics is comprised of:

  • Data analysis facility: 
    • interactive and batch nodes called "farm".
  • Mass storage system:
    • multiple files systems accessible from both interactive and batch nodes, and some of these are also accessible from desktops onsite.
  • Auger:
    • The compute cluster is managed by JLab's in-house Auger software, which uses the SLURM batch system and scheduler as a job execution engine. Auger interfaces with the online and offline storage subsystems to move files between disk and a robotic tape library.
  • SWIF:
    • SWIF allows users to carry out large data analyses efficiently by grouping many jobs into a workflow and by scheduling jobs according to input file locations on one or more tapes. In addition, SWIF provides phased job release to Auger, and ease of job modification, re-submission, recall and cancellation, and delivers detailed job metrics during and after a workflow.