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Auger to SWIF2

User can submit slurm job using swif2 with the old jsub scrip. Give add-jsub as first argument and -script option with old jsub-script. Please notice the default workflow for add-jsub is auger, add "-workflow workflow-name" to set the specified workflow name. Check this swif2 add-jsub document page for detailed information.> /site/bin/swif2 add-jsub -script one-jsub
        Created workflow "auger".
        Added 1 job.

To check a workflow jobs status, using swif2 status <workflow-name>.  Scicomp swif2 page is another way to check the active swif2 job status.> swif2 status auger -jobs -display json | jq
        "jobs": [
           "job_id": 270557,
           "job_name": "test-swif2",
           "workflow_name": "auger",
           "workflow_user": "xxx",
           "job_status": "attempting",
           "job_attempt_status": "problem",
           "job_attempt_problem": "SITE_LAUNCH_FAIL",
           "site_job_exclusive": false
            "job_id": 270559,

Use swif2 show-job <job-id> to get the status of a given job.> swif2 show-job -jid 270567
      job_id               = 270567
      job_name             = test-swif2
      workflow_name        = auger
      workflow_user        = ychen
      job_status           = attempting
      job_attempt_status   = ready
      site_job_exclusive   = false