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Auger tags to Slurm options

Use this table to find out how to convert basic Auger tags to slurm options. There is no convertion from INPUT/OUTPUT related Auger tags to slurm option. For production jobs we recommend using swif2, which provides the job flow management, job grouping and many more advanced functions.

Auger Tag Slurm option example Note
 PROJECT  --account=halld  run job using halld account (click here to find all user's accounts)
 TRACK  --partition=production  use production partition (click here to find available partations)
 OS  --constraint=general  use any OS nodes 
 NODE_TAG  --constraint=farm18  use farm18 nodes only (click here to find all avalible node features)
 JOBNAME  --job-name=test_slurm  
 TIME  --time=2:00:00  2 hours walltime
 MEMORY  --mem-per-cpu=250  4GB memory (250MBx16)
 CPU - -ntasks=16  16 cores
 DISK_SPACE  --gres=disk:1000  1000MB (1GB) disk allocation
 MAIL  --mail-user=<username>  
   --output=/farm_out/%u/%x-%j-%N.out   output file: /farm_out/<userName> /<jobName>-<jobId>-<hostname>.out
   --error=/farm_out/%u/%x-%j-%N.err  error file: /farm_out/<userName> /<jobName>-<jobId>-<hostname>.err