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Auger to Slurm

Similar to Auger, the best way to submit a simple job (without any input/output from/to tape library) to the farm is using slurm command with a batch option file.  
First creating a batch option file that specify options your job(s) needs, then log on any ifarm node,  run sbatch with batch option file as argument.

                        ifarml901> sbatch <batch-option-file>

This is the simplest batch-option-file. It only specifies the parttion, account and memory to run the command 'printenv; date'.


#SBATCH --partition=priority
#SBATCH --account=your-account-name
#SBATCH --mem-per-cpu=512

printenv; date;

Please notice that the project used in Auger system is phased out in Slurm, instead of use the slurm account for fairshare and the usage stat. Check up Slurm User Account page to find out which slurm account a user belongs to.  Sends a ServiceNow request if user doesn't have a default slurm account or requests a new slurm account. Reference Slurm sample script document for more examples of batch-option-file. Check up Auger tags to Slurm options page for addition converation mapping.

If user's job needs to jcache the input from tape library and/or use Auger Job Array (ForEach), please switch to use swif2 which provides the job flow management, job grouping and many more advanced functions.