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Getting Started


Steps to getting started using the Physics Farm system at Jefferson Lab are listed below:

  1. Get a CUE (Common User Environment) user account: see the computer center's User Accounts page.
  2. The following sub-steps require emailing
    • Request a local account on the "farm" compute and file-system resources. Please provide as much information as possible (especially your JLab username) in your request.
    • Request addition to the right UNIX group(s) if needed. A list of groups in which one belongs can be generated by typing groups at the shell prompt on any JLab CUE UNIX system. If unsure or you need to be moved to a different group, please contact your software coordinator as listed in table 1 below.
    • Request addition to the right SLURM account(s). In order to submit jobs to access the "farm" batch systems you need to be added to the right SLURM account(s). If unsure, please contact your software coordinator  as listed in table 1 below.
  3. Please join the email list to get email about the status and updates of resources. This is highly recommended.
  4. Considerable information about the status of the computing resources is available at the SciComp Portal:  On the entry page you can find information about the status of the various systems, as well as important announcements about new capabilities, current problems or planned outages.  From the menu on the left you can get more detailed information about status and utilization, including reports by user or project for any arbitrary time interval.
  5. To access the farm cluster SSH to and then IF you are on-site or on VPN then you can SSH to directly. is a logical interactive node which will automatically log you, based on round robin scheme, in to one of the following physical interactive nodes:
    • ifarm1801 and ifarm1802: Dual 20core/40threads (total 80 threads) 2.4 GHz Xeon (Skylake), ~96 GB memory, /scratch, QDR IB
    • ifarm1901: Dual 32core/64threads (total 128 threads) AMD EPYC 7502, 256BG memory, ~1TB /scratch, FDR IB

      You are free to use these nodes for software development and testing, but do not run long tasks interactively. These interactive machines can't reach offsite nodes. Any off-site access is through For additional details refer to Figure 1 below.

  6. For all other account questions please contact the Computer Center Help Desk or the Physics Computing Coordinator Graham Heyes

Hall A  Ole Hansen
Hall B (CLAS, CLAS12)         Nathan Baltzell
Hall C  Brad Sawatzky
Hall D (GlueX) Mark Ito
EIC Markus Diefenthaler

Table 1. Software coordinators for various experiments at JLab.


Figure 1. Jefferson Lab Farm Cluster Layout