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Getting Started

Steps to getting started using the Physics Farm system at Jefferson Lab:

  1. Get a user account: see the computer center's User Accounts page
  2. Learn about file systems and data management
  3. Learn how to login, and to compile, link and test applications
  4. Learn how to create and submit batch scripts, and test completion
  5. Learn about transferring files to/from JLab

The sub-sections below will walk you through an overview of these steps; additional, more detailed information can be found in the subsequent chapters.

Considerable information about the status of the computing resources is available at the SciComp Portal:  On the entry page you can find information about the status of the various systems, as well as important new items about new capabilities, current problems or planned outages.  From the menu on the left you can get more detailed information about status and utilization, including reports by user or project for any arbitrary time interval.

Please join the email list to get email about the status and updates of resources.