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Access to the Farm and iFarm systems is managed through UNIX groups. This group structure is also used to provide group-based accounting and to allocate resources among the various groups in different stages of data processing. A UNIX group is created for each experiment at JLab. All of the different groups have full access to the Interactive Farm nodes. The Batch Farm is allocated by fair share, first by Hall followed by experiment groups.

All Users involved in the off-line processing of experimental data should verify that they are included in the appropriate UNIX group(s) for the experiments in which they participate. A list of groups in which one belongs can be generated by typing "groups" at the shell prompt on any JLab CUE unix system. If you find that you need to be moved to a different group, please contact the software coordinator for your Hall:

 Hall A  Ole Hansen
 Hall B (CLAS, CLAS12)         Nathan Baltzell
 Hall C  Brad Sawatzky
 Hall D (GlueX) Mark Ito
 EIC Markus Diefenthaler







Refer other account questions to the Computer Center Help Desk or to the Physics Computing Coordinator Graham Heyes.