HPC / LQCD File System Layout

LQCD / HPC users see a file system layout with 5 parts:

/home: Every user will have a home directory after he/she gets an account. Note that for performance and fault tolerance, this is a different home directory from the general lab computing home directory. With a default user quota of 2 GB, /home is not a large file system and is backed up daily. It is designed to store non-data files, such as scripts and executables. The home directory is mounted on interactive nodes and compute nodes. This disk space is managed by individual users.

Disk Servers (online storage)

Scientific Computing currently has 2 (physical) types of file servers:

Experimental Physics Computing

The batch farm contains ~300 CentOS 7.7 nodes, with 8, 16, 24, 32, or 36 cores. Each core is run with two hardware threads, for two job slots per core, for a total of ~24000 job slots

HPC / LQCD Computing Systems

The HPC / LQCD computing resources includes a Xeon Phi (Knights Landing) + OmniPath cluster, a Xeon + Infiniband cluster, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 + Infiniband cluster, and an NVIDIA Kepler