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Batch System (Slurm) basics

In next few weeks, all Knights Landing nodes (16p and 18p) will be managed by Slurm. From July 1 2018, user must use Slurm client (sbatch) to submit a batch job. To use slurm, you will need a account associated with your project, and you will need to be an authorized user
on that account.  Please see your project leader for relevant account
information, and if necessary ask him/her to email Chip Watson to get
your username added to the project.

Steps in using the Slurm batch system:

  1. Create a batch script
    file, myfile; this file lists the resources you need, the account you
    are using, and contains the shell commands to do your work. The most common option  are '-N, --nodes=<nodesCount>', '-p, --partition=<partition_names>', '-A, --account=<account>', '-C, --constraint=<list>', '-t, --time=<walltime>'.
  2. Submit the job:  sbatch myfile
  3. Optionally check on your job, using either 'squeue -u your_username' or 'scontrol show job job_id'
  4. Optionally delete a batch job using 'scancel job_id'

Please check Slurn document page for detail information of all Slurm client tools.