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Batch system basics

Jefferson Lab uses OpenPBS (Torque) with the Maui open source scheduler.  You will need a batch system account associated with your project in order to submit a batch job, and you will need to be an authorized user on that account.  Please see your project leader for relevant account information, and if necessary ask him/her to email Chip Watson to get your username added to the project.  For new (small) projects, you may simply email Chip Watson.

Steps in using the batch system:

  1. create a batch script file, myfile; this file lists the resources you need, the account you are using, and contains the shell commands to do your work
  2. submit the job:  qsub myfile
  3. optionally check on your job, using either jobstat or qstat
  4. optionally delete a batch job using qdel

Details are given in a subsequent chapter, "Batch System".