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JLab has 3 distinct system types for which you can develop applications:

  • standard x86 clusters
  • NVIDIA GPU systems (2 generations: Fermi, Kepler)
  • Intel Xeon Phi systems, a.k.a. MIC (Knights Corner generation)

Each of these have different compiler options and libraries, and for each of these there are examples in the relevant subsections later in this book.

Compilers & Libraries
/usr/bin/gcc is available for all machines. Because the software stack changes frequently and sometimes multiple versions of some packages are available, please at least use the module avail command to see what is available on the systems.  Modules are self documenting, see also: Environment Modules page.

If you wish to test your application with accelerators interactively, qcdgpu has a Fermi GPU, and qcdkmi has a Kepler GPU and a MIC card.  Please use these single accelerators for quick tests only (5-10 minutes at most) so that they are remain highly available for others to use as well.  For x86 tests, qcdgpu is an 8 core host with 48 GB memory, and qcdkmi is a 16 core host with 128 GB memory.