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BASICS on using the Farm resources

Batch system
Login to SciComp GPUs
Create custom kernel for Jupyter Hub
Start using JLab Jupyter Hub
Network certificate
File system layout

Batch System

Users interact with the batch system through a layer (Auger) that provides additional useful features above the basic functions of the slurm batch system.

  1. handles the pre-staging of files from tape
  2. allows users to submit jobs from any computer that is part of the Jefferson Lab Common User Environment (CUE)
  3. provides commands that query the status of hosts, queues, and jobs
  4. allows submitting a "meta job" that runs the same batch job against an array of input files

Jasmine provides tools to move data between disk and tape, and is used by Auger to ensure that input files needed by the batch job are cached before the job is run.  It is also possible to add and delete files in the cache area through the client tool jcache.

Details on these systems is provided in later chapters.