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/work disk areas

The /work areas reside on a 2017 ZFS file server, except for a few remaining projects left to migrate from the old Oracle ZFS appliance or from Lustre. They are NFS exported to onsite CUE systems for use by the experiments. These file systems are not backed up and should not be used to store source code repositories or files that cannot be recreated. The directory structure for the work disk area is /work/{hall}/{experiment}. So a work disk area for experiment e98123 in Hall A would be /work/halla/e98123.

Each Hall has been allocated a set amount of work disk space, which they manage and distribute among the experiments taking place in their Hall. Requests for work disk space or increased allocations of work disk space should be made to the individual in charge of computing for the Hall. It is up to the Hall and/or experiment to implement procedures for purging files when more space is required. Some automated procedures that have been implemented by some include the deleting of the least recently used files, the deleting of the oldest files, and the deleting of large files. Check with the individual in charge of computing for the Hall and experiment to find out if such procedures are in place for a given work disk area.

Make sure to use the full pathname  /work/{hall}/{experiment} to access data rather than the mount point name of a specific fileserver, as it will change over time as fileserver hardware is updated.

Performance: for those work areas residing on the ZFS appliance, the performance will be lower than Lustre for large files, and higher than Lustre when dealing with thousands of small files.  We are working on addressing small file performance specifically for large code builds, in anticipation of replacing the ZFS appliance in a year or so.