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Cache manager utilities

These "storage resource manager" utilities can query status or move files between disk and tape, preserving the files canonical name; i.e. the file has the same name (path) on tape and on disk.

srmProjectInfo projectName
           get project information specified by projectName, information includes project quota, pin quota, available pin quota, and etc.

srmGet path_1 path_2 ...
srmGet -r directory_path
            get file(s) from tape system to cache disk,
            returns: request_id
           -r  recursively get all files under a named directory (recursive will only go one level)

srmPut [-d] file_path_1 file_path_2 ...
srmPut [-d] -r directory_path
            put file(s) with size larger than 1 MB into the tape silo system (without waiting the normal time delay).
            returns: request_id
            -r  recursively get all files under a named directory (recursive will only go one level)
            -d delete the files after they have been put on tape (frees space faster)

srmLs [options] cache_path1 cache_path2 cache_path3 ....
           list file properties (cacheManager related meta data; details on next page)

srmPin  [-t lifetime] cache_file_path1 cache_file_path2
srmPin [-r] [-t lifetime] cache_dir_path1
            Pin or mark a file or files in a given directory as in use and not to be deleted
            -r  recursive
            -t  set the life time for the pin

srmPinStatus [-l]
            list the pin status of given file(s)
            -l  long format

srmRequest request_id1 ...
            get status information of one or more Get/Put requests

srmCancel request_id1 ...
            cancel request(s) specified by request-id

srmPendingRequest [user]
            list all pending and active request(s) submitted by this user or a given user

srmDupilcatedFile [user]
            list all duplicated file create by this user or a given user

srmTapeRemove path1 path2 ...
            remove given files (not directory) from tape library (files are marked deleted and will not be copied on a subsequent tape compress). When use tapeRemove first time, you must get a Jlab certificate. Please reference this page on how to get a new certificate.

srmChecksum path1
            get the crc32 checksum of a given file already on disk; this checksum is used by Jasmine system to verify data integrity on read from tape (all files in the Jasmine tape system have a crc32 checksum value stored in its stub file).