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          srmLs - list file properties (cacheManager related meta data)


    srmLs cache_path1 cache_path2 cache_path3 ....
    srmLs [options] cache_directory_path


        If no argument is given, lists all larger files on tape but not on disk, owned by this user. Otherwise lists files in a given directory.


        cache_path:  The full path of a file on cache disk, it should start /cache/... Wild cards in the file name are supported . When using a wild card, path must be quoted and add backslash \ before * and the wild card must in the file name and not in the path directory.



         [-h] or [--help]  -  to display the usage and exit.

         [-l]  -  to show long list including group and modification time.

         [--cache]  -  to list only the files in the cache 

         [--ncache]  -  to list only the file not in the cache 

         [--silo]  -  to list only the file on tape

         [--nsilo]  -  to list only the file not on tape 

         [--pin]  -  to list only the file pinned

         [--unpin]  -  to list only the file not on tape


Options [--cache], [--ncache],[--silo], [--nsilo], [--pin], [--unpin] can be used together. Any combination of the options is equivalent to an "AND" operation. For examples, with [--ncache] and [--silo] options only the files on tape and not on disk will be listed. A file larger than 2MB is defined as a large file, files smaller than 2MB will not be backed up to the tape system and are not reported by the srmLs utility.


  1. Get summary information:
    %srmLs - print the summary information of the files owned by this user.
  2. List file properties:
    %srmLs /cache/LHPC/NF0/aniso/test/foo - print specified file properties, such as pin count, space type, size, etc. 
  3. List some files' properties in a given cache directory:
    %srmLs --silo /cache/LHPC/NF0/aniso/test  - print the file which in tape system
  4. Get all files under a given directory into cache disk:
    %srmLs --cache --nsilo /cache/LHPC/NF0/aniso/test -  print the file which in cache disk but not in silo.