Batch Job Tracks

All jobs submitted to the farm will belong to a track. The track is used to determine both what queue a job runs in and what type of job it is for accounting purposes.

Track   Batch Queue Description
debug priority For debug use
reconstruction production Reconstruction of raw data
analysis production Analysisjobs
one_pass production Combined reconstruction/analysis jobs
simulation production Simulation jobs
test priority
Test run of code on the farm
theory ---
Running long theory jobs

Special Tracks

Note that there are two special tracks: debug and test. The debug track is useful when you are trying to debug your jobs to make sure that they run correctly. They get the highest priority when running on the farm, but are limited to 4 hours of CPU time. The test track is at the opposite end of the spectrum and is used for jobs that don't have to finish any time soon. Not only do jobs in the test track get the lowest priority for being dispatched to the farm, but even after being dispatched these jobs will be suspended if the farm gets busy.