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Display status information about the workflow.

Usage: status -workflow W [options]
Control what status information is displayed by specifying one or more of the
flags listed below.  If no specific subset of status information is requested,
then the summary will be displayed.  Also note that you can choose to display
the information in XML, JSON, or simple text format.

Display Style: -display (xml | json | simple)
Both XML and JSON formats will return a structure containing the sub-reports.
The "simple" format will display the requested sub-reports in a series of
flattened (name = value) pairs, with each section titled by the report name
followed by a colon (:).

Summary: -summary
Fetch an overview of the workflow vitals.

Problems: -problems
Fetch details of problem jobs.

Jobs: -jobs
Fetch details about all of the jobs in the workflow.