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Resolve a problem job by re-submitting to the batch system.

Usage: retry-jobs -workflow W <job-selection>
The specified jobs are removed from the problem queue and placed back into the
dispatch queue so they are eligible for running on the batch system.  This
would be appropriate for jobs that failed for transient reasons.

Select Jobs by ID
To select jobs by id, simply list their id numbers after all other arguments.
No flag is required because this is the default.

Select Jobs by Name: -names
Use this flag to signal that the list of jobs comprises names rather than IDs.

Select Jobs by Error: -problems
Use this flag to signal that the job-selection list enumerates the problem
categories whose jobs are to be modified.

Use regular expressions: -regexp
This flag signals that the job selection list contains regular expression
patterns that will be matched against ID, Name, or Problem Class.

Example: Resubmit all problem jobs that failed with system or unknown error.
swif retry-jobs -problems SWIF-SYSTEM-ERROR AUGER-UNKNOWN