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Specify an output file for the currently running job.

Note that this command is only valid when run from within a running swif job.
It allows users to dynamically specify output files, thereby passing
responsibility for staging out to the batch system.  The benefits of doing so

  1. No need to know before hand what files will be generated
  2. Stage-out time is not counted in the user's compute time.
  3. The workflow system tracks provenence of generated files.

Usage: outfile local-file remote-uri
The local file is added to the job's list of generated output files, and will
be copied to the specified remote URI when the user's command exists with

Local File
Must specify a valid path accessible from the batch job.  In most cases this
should be a relative path, which will be interpreted with respect to the job's
execution directory.

Remote URI
As with the -input and -output specifications for a job, the valid schemes are
'mss:' and 'file:'.  The former designates the mass storage system (i.e. tape
library), and the latter a reachable filesystem path (e.g. /volatile/...).