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Command-Line Overview

Usage: swif command [-workflow W] [options] [args]
This is the main entry point to the swif client commands.  Specify <command>
with options and arguments as appropriate to operate upon workflow W.  The
workflow must be specified via the -workflow flag or via the environement
variable $SWIF_WORKFLOW.  In case both are specified, the command-line
overrides environment.

Some commands are intended for use only within a running job (e.g. 'outfile').
These do not require specifying a workflow name, since that is derived from
the runtime environment.

Similarly, commands that operate on all of a user's workflows (e.g. 'list')
do not require that you specify a workflow name.

Common Options
  -help [<command>]   Display this message or, if specified before a valid
                      command name, information pertinent to that command.
  -workflow <W>       Specify workflow W as the target.
  -user <U>           Operate as user U.  Read-only access for non-privileged

Valid Commands
  abandon-jobs        Fail problem jobs, cancel pending ones.
  add-job             Add a job to an existing workflow.
  add-jsub            Add jobs to workflow via Auger submission script.
  cancel              End all work.
  create              Create a new workflow.
  export              Dump workflow configuration.
  freeze              Prevent further user modifications to workflow.
  import              Create a new workflow from configuration file.
  list                Display all of your workflows.
  modify-jobs         Change some job parameters.
  outfile          *  Add an expected output file.
  pause               Stop adding new work to batch system.
  retry-jobs          Resubmit problem jobs.
  run                 Allow jobs to be released to batch system.
  show-job            Display information about specified job.
  status              Display information about the state of the workflow.
  tag-job             Set or remove key value pairs for a job.
  unfreeze            Allow further user modifications to workflow.

                   *  Only available within a running job