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Add jobs to an existing workflow.

Usage: add-jsub -workflow W [options] -script auger-submission-file
Add jobs to workflow W, using attributes specified in the auger job submission
format.  Please see .  Note
that the auger format does not support all swif options.

Create: -create
If the named workflow does not already exit, create it.

Phase: -phase phase-number
Assign the jobs to specified phase.

Every job may be assigned an integer phase number that indicates what segment
of the workflow it belongs to.  No jobs belonging to a higher phase will be
released to the batch system until all jobs belonging to a lower phase have
completed or optionally canceled.  Once all jobs in a phase have completed,
the workflow will advance to the next phase number specified by constituent

This can allow graduated introduction of a jobs into the system, or can
provide a crude way to implement a form of dependency between stages of a

If unspecified, the jobs are assumed to be runnable at any time.