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Batch System (Slurm)

Submitting Batch Jobs
You can submit jobs from one of the
interactive nodes or from within a running batch script. Batch jobs are
submitted using slurm sbatch commands with a valid project account.  You can
specify options on the command line, or (recommended) put all of them
into your batch script file.  See examples below.  In your batch script, please specify at least the following, plus other options useful to your workflow.
  1. account (your project short name), using -A, --account=<account>
  2. partition (like pbs queue) , using -p, --partition=<partition_names>
  3. resources needed (number of nodes, mode of nodes, etc), using  -C, --constraint=<list> and  -N, --nodes=<num_node>
  4. wall time (specifying this more tightly than the default will improve your throughput), using  -t, --time=<time>

Right now there are two partitions, phi and phi_test, are configured. Please use LQCD portal Slurm job page for the status of active and recently finished jobs, as well as the most current partition information.