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LQCD / HPC Portal

Information about the computing system is available at the LQCD / HPC Portal:  On the entry page you can find information about the status of the various clusters, as well as important news items about new capabilities, current problems or planned outages.  From the menu on the left you can get more detailed information about status and utilization, including reports by user or project for any arbitrary time interval.  This portal is also used by system administrators to adjust quotas and project memberships, and may eventually be used by researchers to control their workflow.

Quick Tour
Click on Cluster Status => Nodes to see the batch system status of all nodes.  At the top you can select "Node Status by Type", which is a good way of seeing the various types of accelerators installed at the lab, and how many servers have those accelerators (and which are free).
Click on Cluster Status => Jobs to see how many jobs are queued by each user, and how many are running.  Everything colored a bright blue is a link, so you can drill down into one user's list of jobs, and even into a single job to see its status.  "Complete Job - Query" at the top right allows you to make queries against the database of completed jobs.  This page also gives you the names of all the batch system queues and the queue defaults.
Browse through the various graphs and tables showing utilization.  Project Usage is the best place to see how quickly you are consuming your allocation, and how much remains.   The File System links let you see how much of your disk quota you have consumed.
Clicking on JLab Lattice Home in the upper left returns you to the front page.  From here you can use the Report a problem link.