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Output of Batch Job


After a job finishes, auger-pbs will copy the JOB_NAME.JOB_ID.out file the
user's $HOME/.farm_out directory. This file will contains any stdout from
user's script (not captured by user) and the outputs from auger's preamble and postamble scripts.
On the bottom of this file, there is a job resource usage summary (see

Resource usage summary:

If (only if) there is any stderr from user's job (not captured by a user), the user will find a JOB_NAME.JOB_ID.err file under his/her $HOME/.farm_out
directory. Both of these files will be trimmed in the middle but leave the beginning and the end of the files untouched if they are larger
than 2MB.

Job Exit Code

When a job finishes, Auger will pass the user defined exit code (i.e. the exit code inside the user's job) as the final exit code for the job. However, if a job is killed by PBS because the job exceeds it's requested resources, the exit code will be 128 + signal number. Auger will interpret this number as a negative number. We strongly advise users not to use any exit code that is greater than 128 and use exit code of 0 as the success of a job.