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    jsub - Submit an Auger job to farm batch system.


   jsub JOBFILE or jsub -xml JOBFILE.xml  (pbs version)
   jsub [-x] or [--xml] JOBFILE1 JOBFILE2 JOBFILE3... JOBFILEN   (slurm version)

   jsub takes user's JOBFILE and submits the job to the batch queue and JASMine mass storage system. The JOBFILE has two input formats. One is a plain textfile with directives in the form like:
        PROJECT: MyProject
        TRACK:   MyTrack
        JOBNAME: MyJob

        COMMAND: /path/to/MyCommand

   The XML input format must be specified with the -xml option (pbs version) and -x or --xml option (Slurm version). Which would look like:
           <Email email="" request="false" job="true"/>
           <Project name="MyProject"/>
           <Track name="MyTrack"/>
           <Name name="MyJob"/>
           <Command><![CDATA[ /path/to/command ]]></Command>
           <Job> </Job>


    For a complete listing of the plain text and XML input directives please see the Batch Job Command File and the following Auger Examples.