jobstat - batch job status query
   jobstat [-h] [-u username] [-j job_id] [-s stat ] [-a account] [-q queue]
  Display status pbs batch jobs and other information about the selected batch jobs. By default, jobstat show all jobs if no jobId is given. Use [ -u username ] option to select the jobs for specified users.Jobstat will display the job status and related information, such as, Exec_HOST, SUBMIT_TIME, CPUTIME, WALLTIME and ACCOUNT etc. The status display in the output will be R for running, Q for queuing, H for holding in PBS queue, and A for hold in Auger queue.
          Print the command usage on standard output and exit.
     -u username
          Show the job belonging to the user username only (default display all users).
     -s stat
          Show the status of batch jobs in specified state (R/Q/H/A/E).
                 R - Running (job is currently running)
                 Q - Queued in PBS queue
                 H - Hold in PBS queue (Dependency)
                 A - Hold in Auger queue (not submit to PBS yet)
                 E - Ending (job is in final clean up)
     -q queue
         Show the job belongs to given queue. Show the statue of batch jobs in specified queue
     -a account
         Show the status of batch jobs belonging to specified account
     -j job_id
         Show only the status of a given job. If the command succeeds and the job is still in the queue, the output will be one of the followings: R (running), Q (queuing/pending), H (holding), and E (ending). Otherwise "jobstat: Unknown Job Id xxx" will be printed out and the command will exit with a non-zero value.