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Stub File Contents

Every file written to tape is described by a small stub file that resides on a network share accessible via the path /mss on supported machines.  The ownership and permission information of each file inside the tape library,  can be seen by issuing "ls -l " command on a corresponding stub file or a directory. Each stub file is a text file listing the tape file properties in newline-separated <tag>=<value> statements.

An integer that uniquely identifies the tape file in the jasmine databae.
The original location of the source file that was written to tape
The number of bytes in the file
The CRC-32 checksum of the files
The MD5 hash of the file
This field is always 'root'. The original intent seems to have been to associate an owner with a tape file. The current system does not do this, but futurerevisions may.
A string that uniquely identifies a file on tape.
The volume serial number of the tape on which the file resides.
The logical block location of the file on tape.
The name of the volume set to which the tape on which this file resides belongs.
The path assigned to the tape file.
Fields beginning with "dup." describe the file's duplicate. Raw data written from the experimental halls is automatically duplicated. When the original is first written, the stub file will not contain these entries. Only after the duplicate is written will these fields be appended to the original's stub file.