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Cache manager policy

When a project is over their High Quota limit the following data backup and deletion policies will be enforced.

NOTE: You can pin files on /cache if you need to keep them available for an extended period. 

Please do not abuse the pin mechanism as /cache is a shared resource.

Also note an important part of the file culling policy is that the 'least recently accessed' files go first.  If you don't plan on accessing a file for 30+ days, then a 30--60 day pin is just putting a fence around common ground that other groups (like yours) could be using for actual active files.

/cache Backup policy:

  • Oldest files >1MB in size which satisfy the criterion backed up = No will be automatically copied to tape.

/cache Deletion policy:

  • Oldest files which satisfiy the criterion pin count = 0 AND backed up = Yes will be deleted.

Note: Since small files will not be written to tape and cleaned up, there is a soft limit of 1 million files per user. We strongly recommend users store only large permanent files under /cache. If a project generates a lots of small files, please put them under /work or /volatile disk areas.

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