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Submitting Jobs to the Knights Landing Cluster

Submitting Jobs to the Knights Landing Cluster

Submitting jobs to the Knights Landing cluster is similar to submitting to any other cluster at JLab. Currently one must submit to the phi queue:

$ qsub -q phi

Job Size

Request the number of nodes needed (note that originally number of cores was specified in the early science running period, but was changed for production running):

# Ask for 1 node

$ qsub -q phi -lnodes=1 ./

# Ask for 2 nodes

$ qsub -q phi -lnodes=2 ./

MCDRAM and Cluster Mode Selection

One can ask for specific MCDRAM and cluster modes by specifying node-tags as usual. Initially we support cache-quadrant and flat-quadrant modes (see the system overview). The available tags are:

- Cache MCDRAM - Quadrant Cluster Mode


-- Flat MCDRAM - Quadrant Cluster Mode

So for example to request 4 nodes, specifically with flat-quadrant settings one would do

$ qsub -q phi -lnodes=4:flat-quad ./

All other options (-A to supply project account, -I for interactive running) should work as in any other regular job submission.

Other modes and tags may bs supported in the future depending on demand

The default mode, if no tags are specified is next available node(s).  We have considered forcing Cache-Quadrant mode, but this is not currently implemented.