Node tags table

Hint Use tags sparingly, as they tend to restrict the set of nodes eligible to run your job. You can view a node's tags by doing pbsnodes -a <nodename>.

For the phi queue, there are several useful tags for choosing nodes, depending on your use of the fast MCDRAM:
 cache-quadif not specifically addressing MCDRAM,  cache
 cache-a2arequired for some multi-node jobs
 flat-quadfor code that takes advantage of MCDRAM

For the ib queue, there are two useful tags for choosing nodes.  Core performances are very similar, so it is generally only advised to use these tags to control memory per core or memory per node:
 cores8Nodes with 8 cores, 24 GB, 3 GB/core
 cores16Nodes with 16 cores, 32 GB/node, 2 GB/core

For the gpu queue, the following are the most useful tags for choosing nodes:
 Tag Description
 ecc All GPUs with ecc memory (suitable for more than inverters)
 GTX All gaming cards (which do not have ecc, and have smaller memories
 Fermi All GPUs with the Fermi architecture (ecc & GTX)
 kf All GPUs with either Fermi or Kepler architecture (excludes only the oldest GPUs)
 K20m The newest GPU model, Kepler generation

You can use combinations of tags, such as 4:ecc:kf to run on any Fermi or Kepler generation gaming card, which (if JLab later adds a third ecc GPU type) would allow you to exploit 2 different GPU types without having to run 2 different job types. 

The following tags can be used to further restrict where your job will run.  These can be useful for benchmarking specific nodes/cores/GPUs, but are discouraged for production running:
c12s a node in the 12s cluster
c10g a node in the 10g, GPU enabled cluster
c12k a node in the 12k, GPU enabled cluster
GTX580 A GPU enabled machine with an NVIDIA GTX580 GPU
GTX690  A GPU enabled machine with an NVIDIA GTX690 GPU
Fermi A GPU enabled machine with an NVIDIA Fermi generation GPU (2010)
mic An accelerated machine with an Intel MIC (2012)
kf A GPU enabled machine with an NVIDIA Kepler K20 or Fermi generation GPU (this currently covers all GPUs at JLab)

The following tags are deprecated:
Tag Description
ib a compute node with infiniband connectivity (not very useful)
intel a node with an Intel cpu (all clusters at this time)
Tesla A GPU enabled machine with an NVIDIA Tesla GPU(same as ecc)
k20 A GPU enabled machine with an NVIDIA Kepler K20 GPU (2012)